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Hi Dee
I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful service for my dad yesterday, it was absolutely perfect, everything me & my mam wanted & captured my dad perfectly. So many people commented yesterday on how uplifting it was & how it was dad to a tee. One person can make such a difference in any situation. 
On a personal note I'd like to thank you for your support for me & my mam as was exactly what we needed at this time. Your support has been a great comfort to both of us.
I'd also like to thank you for making me feel strong enough to stand up & say something for my dad as it meant so much to me as his only daughter & mother of his 2 granddaughters who meant so much to him. I didn't think I had the strength until you gave me that final hug before we went in then you made me feel so at ease with your introduction to the service.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done over the  last 7 or so days, I feel as tho even if we never meet again I've made a very special friend as I'm eternally grateful for your lovely personal service for my dad & comfort you have given me, mam, claire, Lauren & Georgia 
Vanessa x

I would like to express our heartfelt thanks in the way you delivered our lovely Mam`s funeral service today. You conveyed so much warmth and sincerity. You were absolutely flawless and everyone commented that it was such a beautiful service. We can`t thank you enough. You do such a sterling job at a time when people are at their lowest and most vunerable. You absolutely are in the right job. Please accept again our utmost gratitude.

We felt That Mam's send off was in expert hands, due not least to your sensitivity in ensuring the wording of the service was just what we wanted, keep up the good work for all us bereaved folk, massive thanks, c x.

Dee, thank you so much from all our family for such a lovely service for my father yesterday. You conducted it all so well, and everyone commented on what a beautiful service it was. Thank you for looking after us, and particularly me, in such a gentle, sensitive and supportive way, helping us really celebrate Dad's life in a service that really reflected him in every way, and giving me the courage to speak, knowing that you were right there to take over if I wasn't feeling strong enough. It made it so much easier! Thanks so much for helping us say goodbye in such a beautiful way. I can't imagine anyone better suited to this calling! Thanks so much again.

Dee, we just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful service you delivered for our Mam. After you did the perfect service for Dad, Mam told us when the time came, she wanted you to do her service and nobody else. At both services, everything you said captured them both and everybody commented on what beautiful services they both were (and funny, where Mam had her input!). Mam would have loved the fact that you read her own words noted for her eulogy. We can’t thank you enough for your kindness and compassion.

It was such a lovely touch to receive the heart of seeds to plant in their memory, together with a copy of the ceremony wording. Dad’s flower blossomed last year and we shall be planting Mam’s heart of seeds next to his. Thank you once again for making everything run smoothly to give both Mam and Dad the best send off, you put us at ease on a difficult day. Love Judith & Allyson xxx

Dear Dee, thank you so much for delivering the most perfect service. You managed to capture my husband perfectly. You made every word sound as though it had come from the heart. Everyone commented afterwards, how beautiful they thought the service was. You even managed to carry on, when Penny (my dog) started crying! Thank you again Dee for the copy of the service & the wild flower adornment which I can’t wait to plant, I thought that was such a beautiful touch. xx